Q. What is the pillow made out of?
A. The pillow is made out of custom designed high density memory foam. The foam has just the right amount of rigidity vs. flexibility to allow the pillow to adjust to any individual, and a range of position, while ensuring proper support. The exterior is a plush comfort fabric covering, that feels amazing and is still durable and machine washable.

Q. What do mean by customizable?
A. In addition to the memory foam the pillow has two Velcro ends, so its really completely customizable, we often hear users say they feel that it was custom made for them.

Q. Other travel pillows push my head forward. Does this one do that?
A. The memory foam contours to your shapes, and if you are worried about that choose a positions that closes on the whole neck so when you fall asleep in a comfortable position you head will not tilt forward.

Q. How does it compare to inflatable travel pillows?
A. They are worlds different, the only benefit of the inflatable pillows is that the can compact down to a small size when not in use. The memory foam can also be rolled down to the size of a soda can when not in use, and then when opened just takes a minute to regain its form. Incredibly also, its lightweight weight and does not puncture with normal wear and tear.

Q. How does it compare to beaded travel pillows?
A. Firstly the beaded pillows do not compress so they are bulky. Secondly, after a couple trips they lose there form , get saggy, and you need to buy a new one. There really is no comparison

Q. I’ve always had problems with other travel pillows. How is this pillow differ?
A. It’s a combination of the design and special purpose materials. Each aspect of the pillow has been carefully considered and rigorously tested.

Q. Shipping Guidelines?

Service Capital Cities Other Areas
Standard Post 1-5 Days 1-6 Days
Express Post 1 Day 1-3 Days

*For domestic orders we either ship regular post or express post. In rural and regional areas of Australia, delivery times for Express Parcel Services are in respect of delivery to the Post Office of the principal township in that area. Delivery to final destinations may take longer. If in doubt please check with your local Post Office or online at http://www.auspost.com.au.