Possible Configurations

Here are some of the positions the Travel Pillow can accommodate. The beauty of this product is that its memory foam and completely adjustable, so you can create a shape that suits you best. Its super soft and yet very supportive.


U-ShapeU- Shape (collar shape)

This Travel Pillow can fold to the typical U-Shape. However, its still better than the beaded pillows or blow-ups because of its snugger fit. The Velcro sides accommodate a variety of sizes so the U-shape can be as loose or tight as you prefer.360 degrees of support for your head, neck & chin





Thicker Pillow

Double Pillow Shape

This simple shape is great for when you get the window seat, as its thickness absorbs vibrations and ensure restful sleep. Great for side sleepers.



The Cradle Position

The Cradle Position

The foam prevents your head from falling to the side an encourages proper upper-spinal alignment to prevent muscle strains. This positions is also great for reading.






Wingbow ShapeWingbow Shape

Keep your neck and head in shape and still relax. This is a great lounge position.