Warranty & Repairs

All pillows are sold with a one year guarantee against material and/or manufacturing defects. Not applicable cases include:

  • If the product has been tampered with;
  • If you do not have the original receipt (or copy of the e-mail confirmation)
  • If the defect or damage is the result of inappropriate use;
  • If the defect or damage is the result of intentional mistreatment, gross negligence or careless use and maintenance;
  • If the defect is the result of mishandling by airports, airlines or other carriers;
  • If it concerns wear and tear as a result of normal use.

Warranty procedure

Pillows to which the guarantee period and terms of guarantee apply will be repaired or replaced at no charge. If our inspection of the product identifies an attempt to unjustly claim the guarantee, all inspection costs, postage costs and any further costs incurred will be charged to the customer concerned. Repairs and/or replacement does not affect the guarantee period. The costs of sending products to us are always for the sender’s account.